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Questions tagged [conspiracy-x]

Aliens, conspiracies and Area 51 in an X-Files world.

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1 answer

Can human psychics affect Saurians?

Basically I want to hit a Saurian base with satellite Alexis but we cannot find clear information if it will work and how well. Gaming with the original system but question should be valid for all ...
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56 votes
11 answers

How do I deal with PCs who use kidnap and torture as an investigative technique? [closed]

I'm running a game in a modern setting with emphasis on the paranormal (Conspiracy X). The player characters are part of a secret government organization and are tasked with investigating & ...
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5 answers

How can I use a Conspiracy X Influence system in GUMSHOE?

One of Conspiracy X's greatest innovations was influence and pulling strings to represent the important and influential “day jobs” players come from. These day jobs range from the FBI, to the DEA, to ...
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