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Questions tagged [conversion]

For questions about converting or translating characters and concepts from one edition of a game to another, or to a different game entirely.

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What rules can I use to emulate a W20 Wendigo werewolf with V5 mechanics?

I’m making a scenario using Vampire: The Masquerade Fifth Edition (V5) rules, and I want my players to face a werewolf of the Wendigo tribe, as they're depicted in Werewolf: the Apocalypse 20th ...
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Converting first edition supplements to Feng Shui 2?

I've decided to pick up Feng Shui 2 again after a long absence. I have a lot of the supplements for the original version, which I'd like to utilize in a new campaign with the more recent ruleset. Is ...
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Converting Calming Animals from GURPS Magic to Dark Ages: Mage

As an exercise, I'm trying to adapt spells from GURPS Magic (I only have the Brazilian Portuguese version and I don't have any idea of which edition it is, but it seems to be an old one) to Dark Ages: ...
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