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For questions pertaining to the overall metaphysical structure of a setting.

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What are the planes of D&D 4e? Where did they come from, and how are they connected?

I understand that in D&D 4e's default setting there are planes, and I know a bit about them: the material plane is where the people generally are, and there's a "feywild" where the Eladrin and ...
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Why does arcane magic work outside Toril?

I'm currently DMing a campaign in the Forgotten Realms, but I want to later on add some Planescape and Spelljammer stuff in the story, allowing the PCs to travel beyond the world of Toril to other ...
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Which editions of D&D used these various cosmologies as their default?

There seem to be multiple ways to arrange the planes in D&D. There's the Great Wheel cosmology, the World Axis cosmology and the World Tree cosmology. The D&D 5e PHB (Appendix C, p. 303 ...
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What was behind the creation of the gods/planes?

While reading about some of the gods and they all have their own mythology as to how they came to be. For example, I understand that Corellon created the elves and how the Drow got started and so ...
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Where does the Sun go at night?

Planes are flat, right? And the Material Plane is infinitely large? I typically describe the sky material plane in a manner similar to that of the Earth: there's a sun in the sky and clouds and ...
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Does any lore text explain why the planes of Acheron, Gehenna, and Carceri are the alignment they are?

Acheron is between pure law and lawful evil; Gehenna is between pure evil and lawful evil; and Carceri is between pure evil and chaotic evil. But this seems wrong to me. It seems to me that Acheron ...
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World Axis Cosmology

I have a few uncertainties concerning World Axis Cosmology. Are all planes alternative universes? (That is, there is no way to travel physically from one to another - only by portals and magic.) Is ...
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