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Questions tagged [critical-success]

For questions relating to achieving a higher than normal level of success. Typically utilized in PF2e and any other systems which have mechanics to permit multiple levels of success and failure. Is not synonymous with critical-hit which refers to attack rolls, but is appropriate for non-attacking elements of a game.

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17 votes
2 answers

Can I combine Assurance and Risky Surgery to consistently get Critical Successes for Treat Wounds?

I am currently playing a Rogue who is the party's 'healer'. I put that in quotes because he's taken a background of Back Alley Doctor, meaning he has the Risky Surgery feat which says: Your surgery ...
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12 votes
1 answer

Does Improved Knockdown reduce the multi-attack penalty?

The Improved Knockdown fighter and mauler feat modifies the Knockdown feat action, specifically You can dash your foe to the ground with a single blow. When you use Knockdown, instead of making a ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Does a natural 20 on an attack cause a critical hit (even if the attack would have missed)?

Related question I was going over the degrees of success rules in relation to the above question and it's answers and came across a bit of rules that seem contradictory. Step 4: Determine degree of ...
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