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This tag is used to identify questions relating specifically to cultural attitudes towards gender, specifically relating to roleplaying genders different than peoples' self-identification of gender. (See also: the [gender] tag.)

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93 votes
11 answers

As a girl, how can I voice male characters effectively?

I was curious how to voice my male NPCs. I don't want to fill my world with female NPCs just because I can't voice male characters. I want to get more into the roleplay aspect of the game, but my ...
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74 votes
5 answers

How can I get people to remember my character's gender?

I really enjoy playing male characters and I'm currently playing a really fun Tabaxi lad! Unfortunately, a lot of my party members (in character) still refer to my character as she/her often. I have a ...
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18 votes
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How can I handle my DM's requirement that I play a female character in his one-shot when I don't feel comfortable with doing so?

My DM is doing a one shot in-universe for a historical moment in our main campaign's world, and my DM is requiring that I play a female character. I'm not really comfortable with this, nor the ...
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8 votes
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Having trouble roleplaying as a DM [duplicate]

So, this is my first time DMing a continuous campaign. I'm finally (after five or so sessions) getting good grips on a lot of the stuff, but I'm very much still struggling with the role-playing ...
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How do you play a character of the opposite gender effectively? [duplicate]

Without coming off as either a gender swapped version of a character (with no differences other than its gender), or being overly feminine/masculine? For example i am currently playing a female mage ...
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27 votes
5 answers

Group social issues when roleplaying as a gender other than your own

Some time ago I was thinking of a character for a system (which I won't mention, to avoid any bias) who was of the opposite gender. I'm fairly convinced that it's because of the characters background, ...
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67 votes
11 answers

As a girl how can I roleplay a male character better?

I am one who wants to play both female and male characters. Up until now I have played two male characters but only for small quests (5 sessions max). At the moment we are playing "Shackled City" and ...
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124 votes
10 answers

As a man, how can I roleplay a woman better?

I rarely play characters of the opposite sex, and I find that I'm not very good at it, at least in my own estimation. This is hampering when I GM because it limits my range, and makes things hard ...
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