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For questions dealing with the customary and artistic characteristics of a society or community within the setting/world of a role-playing game.

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Canonical Competitive Sports in Pathfinder

I've been looking around the online resources to find some sort of list of competitive sports that may be played by citizens in the Age of Lost Omens. A full, digital list would be great. Bonus points ...
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Literacy rate of Rokugani

Rokugan is a setting taking heavy influence from the '80s and '90s perception of medieval Japan (through a north-American lens) and strewing in influences from other East-Asian countries, creating the ...
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Is Head Taking a thing in Rokugan?

Head Taking was an unusual custom among Samurai (and before them Chinese nobles) to prove that you killed someone of renown and gain a reward and renown in return. In the Sengoku Jidai, Samurai went ...
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Are unmarried individuals in the Forgotten Realms expected to keep chaste?

In the society and cultures of the Forgotten Realms narrative, are unmarried men and/or women expected to keep chaste? Since this is about the game world's culture rather than any particular edition, ...
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