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For questions regarding cyberware, a term for hardware and/or machinery implanted into the human body to enhance it past its natural capabilities.

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Shadowrun SR5: Can Lasers or Sunbeam Spells Damage Electronics?

Someone once said "The vast majority of Shadowrun technologies use optical circuitry and optical chips, especially the expensive ones like implants and cyberdecks" So my question then is, ...
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Should Cyber Limbs be bought to each limb?

If I want to buy a cyber limb, it should be bought for each limb or does it come in pairs? For example, if I want both my arms to be a Cyber Limb, should I buy 2 Cyber Limbs? If so, that means that ...
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How to create a Full Borg Character in Cyberpunk Red?

So I recently got the cyberpunk red core rule book and have been making characters for it. I've been enjoying character creation for it but I do have a question. See I've been wanting to make a solo ...
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"Mission impossible"-style latex masks in Cyberpunk 2020?

It's a classic of spy movies: A character suddenly reaches for the back of his neck and tears off a latex mask he was wearing, which was perfectly imitating someone else's face, revealing that he had ...
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Is there a rule to recalculate the BODY of characters with cyberimplants?

The description of the Petrify spell (Shadow Spells, page 22) says: PETRIFY (PHYSICAL) Type: P Range: LOS Duration: S Drain: F – 2 This spell transforms living tissue into calcium carbonate, or ...
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I've been trying to track down an old P&P RPG that I used to have years ago

The game was similar to Palladium or Rifts as I recall, but I remember a rule-set detailing Tech-level vs Magic-level; the higher the tech the less it affects the high magic elements, and vise versa. ...
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Cyber/Bioware to enhance Knowledge Skills

Last session, when I was bored and looking to burn some hard earned money for my character, I browsed through our books and found a nice little piece that when implanted would give +3 dice on all ...
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How prevalent is cyber/bioware use among the general population in Shadowrun?

How prevalent is cyber/bioware use among the general population in Shadowrun? What percentage (and what "classes") can afford cybernetic/bionic enhancement? What percentage of this percentage (of ...
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