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For questions about the d20 System, an RPG system originally published in 2000 by Wizards of the Coast. The d20 System was developed alongside D&D 3e and is a derivative of it, but it forms the mechanical backbone for a variety of RPGs entirely departed from the D&D system.

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How to roll perception checks for characters who aren't actively looking without arousing suspicion?

This applies to all d20 systems, but with an example from the from the Pathfinder PRD (emphasis mine): Stonecunning: Dwarves receive a +2 bonus on Perception checks to potentially notice unusual ...
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How do I quicken / sum up larger (but not army-scale) d20/DnD3.x combat?

I'll be rather specific: Imagine you have five lv7 characters (in DnD3.5), a bunch of their followers (skeletons raised by their priestess and whatnot), and they're facing about the same number of ...
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What is "the d20 bust," and what does "post-d20 game" mean?

Reading this gaming industry retrospective I ran into a few phrases which confused me. The d20 bust caused by 3.5e (2003) and the over-saturation of d20 products ran right into the Great Recession. ...
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Can I disable the limbs of an iron golem?

Quite simply, can the individual joints and/or limbs of an Iron Golem (or any other metallic golem) be disabled or otherwise immobilized? Disable Device or Molecular Bonding would seem the two most ...
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Are there any morale rules that say when NPCs should flee?

In AD&D 2nd edition there were morale checks to determine whether an NPC or monster continues to fight, or tries to surrender or flee. In core D&D 3.5 there is nothing of that sort (if I've ...
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The D20 / 4th edition OGL licence switching what was really up there? [closed]

As was pointed out to me just in another question the 4th ed / D20 licence switch was not a revoke of the D20 open license. Although what I remember from that time is that publishers were forced to ...
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Game of Thrones d20 Cooperative? [closed]

Devir presents a d20 setting of Game of Thrones, prestigious river novel of George RR Martin, with low magic and a lot of Treason and Plot (but without the gunpowder, lol). Anyway.. One of the game ...
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