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For questions about the d20 System, an RPG system originally published in 2000 by Wizards of the Coast. The d20 System was developed alongside D&D 3e and is a derivative of it, but it forms the mechanical backbone for a variety of RPGs entirely departed from the D&D system.

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Does anyone know of a D20 system that uses the Harry Potter Universe? [closed]

Does anyone know of a D20 system that uses the Harry Potter Universe? I want to try something new with a few of my friends. We really want to try and get away from the usual D&D for a bit and try ...
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How do I implement Social Combat into a D&D/D20/Pathfinder game?

One of the coolest parts of White-Wolf games, in my opinion, is that they usually offer the ability for Social Combat to be just as exciting as physical or mental combat. How can I run Social Combat ...
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How can I balance an encounter with reinforcements?

I've been planning encounters that come in two parts or have reinforcements recently, and it occurs to me that reinforcements don't have the same effect on an encounter as if they were there from the ...
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Which games have been based off/derived from the Anime d20 SRD?

The Anime d20 SRD brought some interesting changes to the original 3e d20 SRD. Aside from BESM d20, which obviously isn't a derivative of itself, which games have made use of the Anime d20 SRD - in ...
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What differences are there between Prime Directive d20 and Prime Directive d20 Modern?

There are 2 versions of Prime Directive d20, one based on the D&D 3.5 PHB and the other based on D20 Modern. Are there any noteworthy differences between the two versions, or did they just make a ...
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How do I quicken / sum up larger (but not army-scale) d20/DnD3.x combat?

I'll be rather specific: Imagine you have five lv7 characters (in DnD3.5), a bunch of their followers (skeletons raised by their priestess and whatnot), and they're facing about the same number of ...
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Game of Thrones d20 Cooperative? [closed]

Devir presents a d20 setting of Game of Thrones, prestigious river novel of George RR Martin, with low magic and a lot of Treason and Plot (but without the gunpowder, lol). Anyway.. One of the game ...
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What are the ramifications of replacing a square based combat grid with a hex based one?

I have a personal preference for hexes over squares - the latter present some problems in terms of diagonal movement, and aliasing for certain area effects, that are just handled better with hexes. ...
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What are some quality low-magic d20 (3.5e/PF) systems?

The title pretty much says it all. I'm getting ready to run a very low-magic (but high martial combat/adventure) Pathfinder campaign, and am looking for any systems to draw mechanics and inspiration ...
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In XCrawl, does grandstanding have any short term effects?

In XCrawl, you can grandstand to the crowd or mug for the camera during a dungeon crawl. There are a lot of rules around that - Perform skills, etc - but it seems like the only effect I can find is a ...
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Which version of d20 is World of Warcraft RPG compatible with?

I picked up the WoW RPG a few years back before I knew anything about D&D/d20 and am just now getting around to checking out D&D and am wondering where this book fits into the d20 versions?
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Any good steampunk material for d20? [closed]

The DM of my current Friday night game is running a steampunk-setting, using the Pathfinder rules system. We have two artificers in the party, but my feeling is that all of our material is fantasy and ...
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