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Questions tagged [dark-souls-rpg]

For questions about Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game, published in 2022 by Steamforged Games following a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in 2016. The Dark Souls RPG is set in the world of Lordran. It is a standalone game built on top of the D&D 5th edition rules using the OGL, and adapts the system to mimic the style and feel of the Dark Souls video games.

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12 votes
1 answer

What are the “Dynamic Manoeuvres” in Dark Souls?

In the Dark Souls tabletop RPG, one of the uses for spending Position is (p.103): Perform one Dynamic Manoeuvre. These are special actions, enabling you to do extraordinary things, pushing yourself ...
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18 votes
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What is the correct way to calculate Position in Dark Souls?

In the Dark Souls tabletop RPG, 5e’s Hit Points are replaced with “Position”, a more flexible resource. I found the rules for determining the Base Position of a character to be slightly confusing. For ...
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