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Dark Sun is a Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting featuring a desert world named Athas. The themes of this setting could fit in the Dying Earth subgenre and include survival against the elements, ecological disaster, resource depletion, survival of the fittest, slavery and poverty, and the widespread use of psionic abilities. Water and metals are extremely scarce. Survival against the elements has made it a harsh exotic world.

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25 votes
3 answers

Athas: A terrifying vision of the future?

Athas, the desolated world of deserts, obsidian and ecological ruin that is the focus of the Dark Sun campaign setting, is generally portrayed as a prime world nearing the end of its life expectancy. ...
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Transporting players from Faerun to Athas (Dark Sun) [closed]

Am looking for some idea's on how one would send his/her current players to Dark Sun from Forgotten Realms, allowing the players to remain content & happy, keeping their precious characters due to ...
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3 answers

Entering and exiting Athas

What methods have been defined to be workable and to be forbidden as far as travel to and from the Dark Sun campaign world goes? Any edition's info will work; I'm running 2e but I can always modify ...
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What things should I take into consideration before sending my PCs to Athas?

I am DMing a campaign in which the characters are going to begin shifting form plane to plane every few missions or so. I am considering dropping them into Athas (Dark Sun), but before I do I want to ...
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Moving between different D&D universes

I have a group of mid-high level players. As part of some D&D shenanigans, I wanted to have them plop into Athas (Dark Sun) as a surprise joke. But knowing them, sadistic as they are, they might ...
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Does non-Athasian magic work on Athas?

Most magic on Athas functions solely by defiling, or life draining. Even preserving magic works the same way, only the consequences are less severe. But magic on other Primes doesn't function this ...
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Can Athasian psionicist/druids evolve into "advanced beings" like the other caster classes?

In Athas, there are options for high level Psionicist / Clerics or Psionicist / (Defilers | Preservers) to become advanced beings. Is there such an advancement path for high level Psionicist / Druids?...
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3 votes
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Do athasian druids follow the PHB druid XP progression and organization?

Athasian druids have their guarded lands, and pretty much don't bother each other. So having a druidic organization like the one in the PHB seems not likely. Also, they don't seem to become hierophant....
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