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In the World of Darkness, diablerie (or the Amaranth) is the process of draining another vampire's blood and consuming and absorbing their soul.

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What happens if a thin-blood diablerizes another vampire?

Let's say that a thin-blood has diablerized another vampire who isn't a thin-blood, so it is now a 13th generation vampire of the clan of their victim. What happens to their learned disciplines (via ...
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Can a victim of diablerie's soul be retained within the diablerist?

My latest campaign has reached a rather tragic point, heaved on by diablerie happening more often than it should. A character's blood bound wife, diablerising that character's childe, was lost to the ...
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How do I handle a character bent on diablerie of an Antediluvian?

I’m running a campaign and a character decided to change his goal from getting gun heels that are possessed by a demon (Bayonetta) to becoming third generation through diablerie. He’s made a deal with ...
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Are the Disciplines permanent when you do diablerie and you win in revised edition version?

I have a Malkavian that committed diablerie on a Tzimisce, and gained Vicissitude. Now due to the fact that I gained Appearance and I'm improving that power, my storyteller wants to nerf me for having ...
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What happens to clan, disciplines, blood and curse after losing the struggle after diablerie?

In my campaign an old Giovanni Kindred caught an even older and much stronger Cappadocian by surprise and diablerized her. He almost immediately lost the struggle of souls and she took over control. ...
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Can diablerie be performed on a vampire who has just met their Final Death?

I'm currently playing a Sabbat vampire following the Path of Blood in a VtM game. In our most recent session, I encountered and fought two Camarilla alastors who were hunting me for committing ...
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Does the taint in my aura from Diablerie ever fade?

If my character has committed diablerie in his past, does the taint in his aura, visible to auspex users, last forever? Can it be cleansed?
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