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For questions about diceless RPGs or aspects of games. This refers to systems or components that do not require the use of dice to determine an outcome.

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Are all the combinations of items in Dungeon Wordle possible?

I recently picked up Dungeon Wordle from the Wordle Jam on, and I was really impressed... But the way the game 'randomises' what item you get for a given day, is based on the answer to the ...
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Handling critical hits easily when using average damage

I use average damage for my monsters almost exclusively. If a goblin's stat block says its weapon attack deals 5 (1d6+2) damage, it deals 5 damage. Critical hits come up often enough to need a way to ...
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How can I arbitrate freeform RP in a manner more biased towards inarticulateness?

A friend of mine made a shortish Pokemon RPG module for one-on-one play. The module turned out incredibly well and everyone in our extended RPG group has now played it (and each time the supplemental ...
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Is there any other way to determine result than throwing dice? [duplicate]

I know that you can go full narrative and not use dice at all, but that's not what I'm asking about. I want to know any other (pseudo)random way to determine the result of action? My friend suggested ...
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Does a diceless, non-combat, freeform RPG exist?

I'm looking for a free-form RPG with no dice, little or no combat, no stats/skills (or very simplified), and emphasizes imagination, discussion, and improvisation, with very few simple rules. Does ...
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7 votes
5 answers

Diceless Pathfinder Combat Mechanic

I have been working on a diceless combat mechanic for Pathfinder (it could be applied to any system in which combat involves a roll to hit and a roll for damage, but Pathfinder will be used for ...
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14 votes
5 answers

How can I get people to play a "diceless system"?

I have a wonderful game that I love very much, “Lord of Gossamer and Shadow” by Rite Publishing, and I loved the idea, worldwalking, and that the game is a spiritual successor to Amber (so it’s an ...
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Diceless miniatures? [closed]

I've seen diceless systems for narrative-focused role playing. But do any diceless combat tactics games exist, possibly based on miniatures? I'm thinking of personal-level combat where a single unit ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Castle Falkenstein: Is there a faster Magic system?

I love running games in the Castle Falkenstein diceless system. However, I find the CF magic system to be a little slow (to set up, run and play) for a high-fantasy campaign. Can anyone suggest ...
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Statless & diceless systems

Thanks to a couple of The Riddle of Steel sessions I had seneschaled, which didn't really use any dice or stat comparison, I started to ponder the idea of a statless system. I realize that it would be ...
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What diceless tabletop RPG techniques are there?

I am interested in using a diceless resolution system for my roleplaying, but am not sure what my options are in that vein. I can think of basically two categories of diceless tabletop role-playing ...
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4 answers

Diceless Math driven RPG [closed]

Although many do not appreciate them, a really long time ago, I was thinking and drawing a diceless RPG system. There are already several notable diceless RPG systems, like the one listed here, but I'...
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7 answers

What systems should I look at to see how hit points as a resource impacts gameplay?

So I've got a system I'm designing in my limited spare time. Two of its features are experimental and I don't really have a good basis for judging how they'll play out together. First off, instead of ...
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