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For questions about the 4th edition of Dungeons & Dragons, published in 2008. This tag also covers the D&D Essentials line that debuted in September 2010.

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Where are the unmarked maps for Scales of War?

I'm a DM about to start a campaign of Scales of War with my group. I have all of the stuff ready, except for the maps. I purchased a DDI Subscription through Digital River, but when I downloaded the ...
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Are terrain tiles for immurement magic items available?

Regarding immurements, a class of consumable magic item which transforms a 4×4 square area into a specified sort of terrain, the Adventurer's Vault 2 says (p. 89): Players can find printable maps for ...
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How can I adapt fourthcore to play-by-forum?

Fourthcore adventures have an ingrained time limit that puts pressure on player action and prompts fast, dashy solutions rather than overcautious approaches (or at least has the players chose which ...
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