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For questions about the first Basic D&D edition by Holmes from 1977

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Do the dungeon modules from the old Basic D&D work with the new Basic D&D?

I am old and I haven't played D&D seriously in many years. But I remember it. My 12yo son has a crew that want me to DM a game for them. In the interest of leveraging my (limited) existing ...
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How can I convert characters from Basic D&D to D&D 5E?

I've been DM for some adventures using the Holmes Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set (1978 printing), and players created characters using those rules. How would I convert these characters to 5E? As ...
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What is the overview of TSR's Basic editions of D&D? [duplicate]

There are a variety of editions of D&D published by TSR in parallel to AD&D that get collectively called “Basic D&D”, but the overall relationship of the editions to each other — and which ...
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What are the differences between Holmes D&D and Original D&D?

What are the differences between Holmes D&D and Original D&D (as opposed to the differences between Holmes, Moldvay, and Mentzer D&D)?
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