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For questions about D&D Insider (DDI), an official subscription service created by Wizards of the Coast to support D&D 4e. It offered digital tools, a game content database, and an archive of magazine PDFs. DDI was discontinued in 2014 to new subscribers, though existing subscribers could still access the service until it was finally shut down on January 1, 2020 due to Microsoft Silverlight no longer being supported.

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2 answers

When did the Dungeons and Dragons Insider service exist?

Back in 2010, 4th Edition D&D was the main deal in D&D-land, and Wizards of the Coast did offer the Dungeons and Dragons Insider service, which was (on the stack) described as: [...] the ...
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What are the correct stats for Ice Archon Hailscourge?

There's an inconsistency in Ice Archon Hailscourge's stats in different sources: In D&D Insider, Ice Archon Hailscourge is listed as having slam damage as 3d6+12 Cold damage. It cites multiple ...
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Good replacement for D&D Insider character builder? [closed]

I love the D&D Insider character builder for D&D 4E. However, since it uses Silverlight and support for Silverlight is quickly being dropped from most modern browsers, I am looking for a ...
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Is there a current, 5e equivalent of Dungeon Magazine? [closed]

So, Dungeon got discontinued years ago, and it looks like D&D Insider isn't going to carry Dungeon style content. Is there, or will there be, anything similar, in terms of professionally written ...
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Will there be D&D Insider content & features for D&D 5e?

I know that Dungeon and Dragon magazines will be publishing with the same regularity they were for 4e and feature much of the same types of content, but has there been any statements from Mike Mearls ...
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Are the Monster Lore paragraphs from the printed manuals available online?

I got a subscription for DD Insider and have been especially satisfied with the online compendium: being able to quickly open the relevant monster entries in seperate tabs during an encounter has ...
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What will happen with DDI subscriptions and online content for 4e?

With a new edition of D&D releasing next year (5e) what will happen to the online content for 4e? Will wizards continue to offer subscription services for 4th edition support, make those ...
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Is there anyway to "gift" D&D Insider?

A gift giving occasion is coming up and when my wife asked me for ideas I told her I was interested in a D&D Insider subscription. However when I went to go look up how one could give a ...
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Is D&D Insider worth subscribing to? [closed]

As a new DM I am wondering if it would be worth it to me to subscribe to D&D Insider? What are some of the pros? What are some of the cons? Specs: MacBook Pro 13"
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Where can I download the Dragon and Dungeon Magazines PDFs?

Several answers to What kind of take-away/offline material does D&D Insider (DDI) give you? mention PDFs of Dungeon and Dragon. Where can I find the link to download these PDFs?
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What kind of take-away/offline material does D&D Insider (DDI) give you?

This relates to another question that was just recently asked: What is DDI (D&D Insider)? What kinds of materials does DDI give you that you retain access to "offline" (including if you were to ...
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What is DDI (D&D Insider)?

I have seen this referenced in several questions. I've actually seen people use links into the DDI website in their answers that I can't get to since I don't have a subscription. I know its an online ...
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