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Questions tagged [dnd-miniatures-game]

Questions concerning the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Game, produced by Wizards of the Coast between 2003 and 2011. For miniatures in general, use the [miniatures] tag instead.

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Are stats from D&D Miniatures compatible with D&D 4e? [duplicate]

I am a bit confused about D&D Miniatures and regular D&D. I only have the Starter Set from D&D Miniatures 4th ed (I think) and the Castle Ravenloft boardgame. Do the stats, levels, races,...
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Pre-painted Miniatures for D&D other than from Wizards

Are there substitutes for the official Wizards miniatures? Is there anything pre-painted that we can buy per lot? We love them, but they are getting harder to buy. My group really values props and ...
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16 votes
1 answer

What does the symbol on the bottom of a WotC miniature mean?

When I look on the bottom of the latest official D&D miniatures, there is some information about what product line a particular miniature came from. But there is also a small symbol below that, ...
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Are D&D Miniatures compatible with D&D HeroScape?

Or are they two completely different incompatible things? Are they at least the same size/scale?
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What is the difference between D&D and D&D Miniatures?

Are they the same game? Or is D&D Minis like an abridged toned down version of D&D 4.0? Or is it a separate rule-set entirely?
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