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For questions about Dragon Age RPG, a dark fantasy pen-and-paper game set in Thedas, the swords-and-sorcery world where the Dragon Age computer games take place. The tabletop role-playing game was originally published by Green Ronin Publishing in 2010. It is backed by the AGE System (see also the [age-system] tag).

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Are there positioning rules when using battles maps in Dragon Age RPG?

We have been running a Dragon Age RPG using battle maps (online) as it is more convenient for playing remotely. The core rulebook gives hints about how such a game could run in the section Using ...
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Dragon Age RPG: Can a Mage Bind Spirits to Items Like Cannons?

My experience is limited to the Dragon Age games and a few RPG books (namely, a 2015 Core Rulebook, Players' and GM's Guide v1.2) and I've played Inquisition as an attempt to prime myself to write an ...
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What happens if you have to choose a talent or specialization, but don't qualify for any?

I have encountered several times now that a player needs to pick a talent or specialization, but does not qualify for any. The game does not seem to provide for what happens, from what I can tell? ...
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How can I calculate the expected number of stunt points per attack?

If I hit on a 3, the Dragon Dice can show anything, the chance of getting a double is 44.44%, so on average it is 1.55 (3.5 * 0.44) Stunt Point per attack. If I hit only on a 18, the Dragon Dice can ...
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How many arrowheads can I coat with one dose of poison?

I'm playing a rogue archer in a Dragon Age RPG campaign, and I was looking at ways to improve my damage. One possibility that I discussed with my GM was to coat my arrowheads in some form of poison, ...
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Does magic require incantating or gesturing in Dragon Age RPG?

A few friends and I are currently running a campaign and I'm wondering if there is any given physical specifics about how magic is summoned by a caster. Although I'm not an expert, I've read a lot ...
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Does magic ignore armor in Dragon Age RPG?

I don't find any indication that magic damage ignores armor in the spell list but then again it makes sense that at least some spells do. Am I missing something here?
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Does harrowing strengthen a mage?

At the description of the Harrowing in Dragon age's rulebook it says: Apostates don’t engage in the Harrowing per se, but most will find a time when they are called upon to enter the Fade and ...
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Playing a crafting focused character in Dragon Age RPG

I am going to run a DA RPG game using Green Ronin Rule soon for a group of friends. One of them expressed a desire to play a crafter focus character, an enchanter type like the dwarf guy whose name I ...
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In 'Dragon Age', what are "doubles?"

In the Dragon Age RPG, we are told on page 47: When doubles are rolled on certain types of tests, this generates stunt points. You can then use these points to pull off a number of special ...
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What is the starting wealth/equipment for characters?

Despite reading through things now the fifth time I did not find anything there. So is there any infos what characters start with equipment and wealth wise?
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Can spirit warrior abilities be purged by templars

The book says that the spirit warriors make a pact with spirits of the fade, and get "special powers." They can cloak themselves with "magical energy." Later, it is also described as "mystical ...
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Is there any point to raising Magic for Warrior or Rogue?

If I don't want to take the Spirit Warrior or Templar specialization, is there any mechanical reason to increase Magic for a Warrior or Rogue? What non-spellcasting tests use Magic? Are there spells ...
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Is there a way to play a mage in Dragon Age that won't be bossed around, locked up, or killed?

In Dragon Age canon, mages are controlled by the Chantry, who assigns Templars to watch them. They stay in the Tower unless given a specific mission, and when they leave it is with a Templar to guard (...
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What happens to spells cast pre-encounter that last till the end of the encounter?

When I know that an encounter will happen in the next few minutes (like I already see/hear the enemies coming), and cast a spell that lasts till the end of the encounter (like Heroic Offense, target ...
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Do the rules allow you to Backstab with a bow or ranged weapon?

Backstab is the starting ability received by Rogues at level 1 in Dragon Age RPG. The full explanation of the ability is outlined below. Highlighting the key section in bold You can inflict extra ...
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Do you need to meet a class's Starting Talent requirements?

All three classes have Starting Talents gained at level 1, but you may only meet the requirements for one - or in some cases, none. Can you choose a talent even if you don't meet the requirements? ...
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Are the old boxed sets' contents compatible with the new Dragon Age RPG Core Rulebook?

From what I understand, the new core rulebook's content is mainly the same. Does that mean the reference cards from the three boxed sets are still a viable resource? Can I let players use the boxed ...
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What items can I have my players hunt for to prove the blight is back upon Ferelden?

We're playing a Dragon Age game. I have the framework for a campaign that will take the players all over Ferelden looking for allies and preparing the populace for the blight but I'm stuck on one ...
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Do my opponents get a penalty to see me if I sneak up from behind?

My friends and I started a Dragon Age Roleplay and in the situation "A rogue approaches a creature from behind," we must test the creature's sight against the rogue's dexterity. An argument arose that ...
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D&D 3.x criticals similar to Dragon Age RPG's Stunts?

Having just skimmed the Dragon Age RPG Quickstart Guide PDF for practically the first time, I've found the game's Stunts system - which gives you a chance to accomplish some interesting, useful trick ...
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How is the Dragon Age RPG combat supposed to be played?

I had the opportunity to briefly see the Dragon Age RPG by Green Ronin in play today at Free RPG Day 2011 but not actually play it. I was able to pick up the FRPG Day mini-adventure and read through ...
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