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For questions related to the supplements produced by Dreamscarred Press. Dreamscarred Press is a publishing house that produces Psionics supplements for the Pathfinder and Starfinder systems.

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Optimizing fatal/demolition setups during long Time Stop with strict RAW rules against targeting creatures

I'm in a 9th level high-powered gestalt game in a Tippyverse setting with a fairly permissive DM that allows for highly optimized shenanigans. Game rules are PF as a base with 3.5 content to ...
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Augmenting Psi-like abilities

I was making a creature for my game and wanted to give it the feat Psionic Awakening. This gives it the ability to manifest one of three powers as a Psi-like ability (in this case inertial armor), ...
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Can one dismiss their Psionic Focus voluntarily?

The full question is: Can a character voluntarily dismiss their psionic focus and, if so, what type of action would it be? The rules clearly state how to gain or expend your focus. They also explain ...
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Where can I find errata for Psionics Unleashed/Ultimate Psionics?

I recall, at one point, there being a collection of patches to Dreamscarred Press's psionics content, found on their forum, but it seems that in the time since I checked it, they've replaced their old ...
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What happens after Body Snatcher prestige class's "Death is Only the Beginning" feature is used in the case of hit point damage?

The Mind Switch and True Mind Switch powers in Dreamscarred Press's psionics supplement state that you retain your hit points when you use them. The Body Snatcher prestige class that revolves around ...
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Can a psion manifest Schism to use Guarded Sleep on themselves?

Can an 11+ level Psion who is about to naturally fall asleep manifest Schism and should they fall asleep (or willfully fail a sleep spell saving throw) before Schism ends, use Guarded Sleep on their ...
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Can a Devoted Tracker’s companion/mount get share powers?

I have a character who has a special mount that also counts as an animal companion, per the Devoted Tracker feat from Complete Adventurer. Is there any way of gaining the share powers ability (as ...
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Can touchsight detect a trickster creature under "hide from the world?"

A trickster creature is using its "hide from the world" feature. Hide from the World (Sp): At will, for one round per HD. This glamer functions like invisibility, except that it masks image,...
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Does Monk's Robe affect a Monk of the Silver Fist's gauntlet damage?

The monk's robe grants: If the wearer has levels in monk, her AC and unarmed damage is treated as a monk of five levels higher. The Monk of the Silver Fist archetype from Dreamscarred Press ...
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