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A game based on the Jim Butcher series The Dresden Files built on the Fate Accelerated system.

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How much cost to buy Conditions from other mantles in Dresden Files Accelerated?

When customizing characters, some players may want to get Conditions, not only Stunts, from other mantles. For example, in my campaign, I have a character with the Law Enforcement mantle that wanted ...
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When should I mark the Summer/Winter Courtier condition?

Dresden Files Accelerated introduces a new way to use Conditions, by turning some ability on/off (The Third Eye, for example). Some of them, however (which are always marked), doesn't look much ...
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How would a character in Dresden Files Accelerated do what Molly did?

In the book Turn Coat, there's a scene where Dresden and others are surrounded by a ton of Grey Men summoned by Binder. It seems in game terms the scene would be a Conflict between the PCs (Dresden ...
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