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For questions about duergar or gray dwarves in tabletop RPGs, notably D&D and Pathfinder. Duergar are typically depicted as a race of underground-dwelling dwarves with dull gray skin and hair; they have better darkvision than their counterparts on the surface, and have an innate ability to grow in size (and sometimes turn invisible).

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What published resource first introduced the duergar?

What published resource first introduced the duergar? Specifically, I'm interested in when they first given a stat block (if there were allusions to them earlier). I think it was an AD&D module, ...
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Does the Duergar race have racial feats available in D&D 4th edition?

Duergar has been introduced as a PC race in Monster's Manual 3 if I'm correct. I have found no sight of additional Duergar rules if any other book for D&D 4th edition. I was wondering if Duergar ...
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How did the Duergar break free of the Mind Flayers?

It is known that the Duergar (a.k.a. Grey Dwarves, evil dwarves from the Underdark) were once slaves of the mind flayers, but then managed to break free. However, I can't find much information on how ...
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Is this homebrew Duergar subrace balanced?

I'm planning a campaign with an underdark-based homebrew setting, and I want to give them the option of Duergar as a race. Does this seem unbalanced, and are there any potential issues in particular ...
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How does the Duergar Magic shrink/enlarge ability work with rage?

Is the Duergar's ability to shrink/enlarge considered a spell? How does that combo off with the barbarian's "Rage" ability? Am I able to do this after I go into a rage? Does it cancel before I go ...
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Is a Duergar's Expansion and Invisibility abilities spell-like or psi-like? And does it matter?

The Duergar in the Monster Manual says that their expansion and invisibility abilities are spell-like abilities. But in the Expanded Psionics Handbook they are psi-like abilities. Which is it? And ...
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Does a Duergar Spy's Enlarge action double its damage dice from its Sneak Attack trait?

In the module The Forge of Fury (tiny spoiler) there is a Duergar Spy creature. Its statblock is on p. 234 of Tales from the Yawning Portal. I am interested in the way two of its features interact ...
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Why do duergar have Sunlight Sensitivity?

I vaguely know that the backstory of the Drow from earlier editions involves their Sunlight Sensitivity coming in part from the curse that banished them, and not purely from their long existence ...
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Where does the Duergar's growth power come from?

Since their introduction in the 1st edition AD&D Monster Manual II, Duergar have had the ability to change their size. It has varied a little from edition to edition, and the ability has altered ...
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Does a duergar NPC need to concentrate to maintain its Enlarge ability?

In the MM page 122, nothing is mentioned about needing to maintain concentration, and there is no wording to indicate a duergar's Enlarge ability is a spell. This is in contrast to the duergar's ...
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Monk Dragon's tail vs. Duergar Stand Your Ground - Does SYG Apply?

The move element of Dragon's Tail is: Move : Swap places with target Duergar have Stand your Ground: Stand Your Ground: When an effect forces you to move — through a pull, a push, or a slide — you ...