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What is this RPGA world/campaign design contest winner (ca. 2006?) I remember?

More than a decade ago, my best friend had an online subscription to various D&D materials. When he was back home visiting, he let me spend a few hours exploring this treasure trove. From what I ...
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Looking for a product with a specific inn in a drow city

Our last play session with me as rotating DM ended with the party about to enter the (classic Greyhawk version) Vault of the Drow. Currently, I am a player in another DM's game, but when it cycles ...
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Looking for a specific softcover book from the 90's, one in a series of 3 I think, had white cover about overpowered artifacts

I had the book in question at one time and lost it during a move. The front and back covers were glossy and white with not the greatest art. I think it was the 2nd in a series of 3, but I could never ...
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Is there any lore about faerzress being used for portals?

The 1st edition of D&D introduced the Underdark with the Adventure D1, D2, and D3, later compiled into the Queen of Spiders supermodule. One characteristic feature of the Underdark was that long-...
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