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Questions related to a specific type of monster that is formed from elemental energy such as fire, water, air or earth.

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What kind of elemental do these weapons refer to in Princes of the Apocalypse? [duplicate]

In Princes of the Apocalypse, You can cast dominate monster (save DC 17) on a fire elemental. Once you have done so, Tinderstrike can't be used this way again until the next dawn. It is not clear ...
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What is 'a fire elemental' for the purposes of a ring of fire elemental command?

A similar potential ambiguity exists for the definitions of air, earth, and water elemental, but focusing on a ring of fire elemental command, how broad is the definition of 'a fire elemental'? Does ...
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How can an unwilling Elemental planar ruler be drawn into the Material Plane?

Gate would normally be the answer, but if the planar ruler is unwilling, they would prevent this spell from opening near them: You conjure a portal linking an unoccupied space you can see within ...
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What is the origin of the name Yan-C-Bin?

I'm planning a story arc for my D&D campaign that will heavily involve the elemental plane of air, with Yan-C-Bin being the BBEG at the end. The name Yan-C-Bin is very strange, and I'm wondering ...
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Is using an elemental for power for a ship ethical, or can it be?

In Eberron, airships can be powered by bound elementals. This seems like a form of slavery or torture for a potentially sentient creature. A creature that is intelligent enough to have a language ...
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Can an elemental be resurrected in 5e?

In 3e True Resurrection spell explicitly notes that it allowed the resurrection of an elemental, while lesser resurrection methods are unable to do so. In 5e these lines are missing from the True ...
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Can an Air Elemental move through a hostile enemies space with Air Form Similarly to Incorporeal Movement?

The Air Elemental statblock in 5e has a feature called Air Form that states: Air Form. The elemental can enter a hostile creature's space and stop there. It can move through a space as narrow as 1 ...
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Are golems subject to spells and effects that would affect an elemental?

In the description portion of flesh golem, I found this passage: Elemental Spirit in Material Form. The construction of a golem begins with the building of its body, requiring great command of the ...
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Can a Fire Elemental only set objects on fire by attacking them?

I've found an odd discrepancy in the Fire Elemental's ability to set "stuff" on fire. In the Fire Elemental's statblock in the Monster Manual, the description of the Fire Form trait states (...
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If you're a Moon druid with a level of exhaustion, and then Wild Shape into an elemental, do you regain this exhaustion when you revert?

Say you're a Circle of the Moon druid, and you have at least 1 level of exhaustion. You then use Wild Shape to transform into an elemental. Since elementals are immune to exhaustion, you would ...
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Can a Water Elemental freeze?

Can a Water Elemental freeze, and what happens if it does? Since it consists of water, it seems plausible that it can freeze. However, when this came up in our game, the DM ruled that freezing the ...
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If a Wild Shaped Druid takes extreme damage due to the Fire Elemental’s Water Susceptibility trait, does the damage carry over to their normal form?

I had a situation come up in my game tonight where a gunslinger opponent used powerful shot to push the druid, who was wild shaped into a fire elemental, off a ship into the ocean. The fire elemental ...
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Air Elemental Whirlwind: Can It Damage A Creature Multiple Times?

As stated in the title, I'm wondering if an air elemental's whirlwind can damage a creature multiple times. Being as air elementals (and water elementals, since they can become a vortex) have such a ...
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How does Primordial work with all the dialects? [duplicate]

In dnd-5e, there is a language called primordial, which is the language of the elements. The PHB says it is spoken by elementals, but most elementals actually don’t speak it. They speak “Auran”, “...
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Does knowing Primordial mean you understand all the different languages of elementals?

I'm wondering if knowing the language Primordial means that you understand all different languages of elementals?
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Does a Fire Elemental summoned in a wooden building cause the building to catch fire?

The fluff for a Fire Elemental states: "This creature looks like a living, mobile bonfire, tongues of flame reaching out in search of things to burn." Does that mean that the Fire Elemental I summon ...
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