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For questions about bringing campaigns to an end, and dealing with situations unique to the finale or near-finale.

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Creating a campaign that ends with a TPK by design

I'm creating a campaign that takes players from level 3 to level 15+. The premise is that the party is granted a special role by the reigning good King to protect and serve (essentially they are ...
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When planning a campaign, should I know what the ending is before we start?

I am planning the next campaign while the current one comes to a close. Our group favours sandbox play and I facilitate that with Icar's event driven system. While writing down the list of events ...
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Dealing with leaving players

Somewhat similar to this, but this is a different case with different answers (Or so I hope). I've been playing "the dark eye", my PnP of choice, for a few years now and have recently taken up GM'ing ...
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Ending a Campaign Gracefully (With a Newbie In Tow)

My Shadowrunners have been going on a five (real-life) month streak of destruction and have gotten immensely powerful to the point where they are near gods, but also gotten incredibly shafted due to ...
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How can I plan a TPK finale that doesn't look planned?

A campaign I was GMing in the past abruptly stopped because of stuff IRL, with characters trapped in a tower in the center of a city that is being destroyed by a huge demon. When the group gets back ...
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Cthulhu Campaign - How to create a more satisfying climax?

I'm in the midst of creating a campaign for my CoC group. By now, most of the material we played basically came down to these endings: a) Run away and hope whatever it was doesn't follow you anywhere....
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How do you maintain pacing close to a campaign climax when a number of players cannot make a game? [closed]

Possible Duplicate: How do you deal with missing players? So this weekend a couple of our party can't make it, but the rest of us still want to play. Our DM is concious that we're approaching the ...
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If the campaign stalls at a deadly cliffhanger and we never play again, is my character dead?

Is a character that's about to die just before a campaign is abandoned effectively dead? We have reached the climax of the game — the end all, "winner takes all" type situation. Two of us are ...
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Help making my villain who wants to rid my D&D world of all magic [closed]

So, who I plan on making the big bad of my current campaign (a powerful wizard who tapped into the magic of the void and is almost invincible [ofc not really cause they need to be beatable] when it ...
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