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For questions pertaining to "experience points" or any other kind of point gained during play and used to "level up" or otherwise permanently increase a character's abilities.

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How does a DM deal with characters leveling up too quickly for the module, due to side-quests/ random encounters?

My group and I are playing the Thunderspire Labryinth adventure for 4th edition, levels 4-6, and our DM added in a lot cool side-quests and random encounters. The only problem is that now we are ...
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Is there a formula to calculate level given experience?

I have a spreadsheet that tracks the XP for our group and I've gotten tired of manually looking up how much xp is needed for the next level. I'd much prefer if there was a formula I could put on the ...
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What are the consequences of changing the ratio of XP to GP?

One issue with older versions of D&D that heavily relied on treasure GP is that characters have to become rich to advance so that by fourth or fifth level mundane equipment costs become ...
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What's a good way to use treasure XP in 4th edition?

I've been incorporating some houserules to give my 4e game a more old-school feel, as I would probably be running a 1e game if my players didn't love having powers so much. One thing I'd love to do ...
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Do any newer D&D versions grant experience for exceptional role-playing?

Do any of the newer D&D editions' books (most likely the DM Guide) have guidelines for granting experience for exceptional role-playing? I once played with a professional DM (there's a job I want)...
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