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For questions about game mechanisms for handling which direction characters are facing, generally found in tactical or combat-focused RPGs.

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2 answers

Can an immobilized character change their facing?

Some effects, such as that produced by the web spell, can immobilize a character or otherwise reduce its movement to 0. In these cases, are characters able to change their facing normally, or are they ...
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Do tower shields provide cover from all directions?

A Tower Shield allows you to use the Take Cover action, in order to gain Greater Cover from the shield. This is confusing because the cover rules require that a source of cover must be between you and ...
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Can a Beholder face its Antimagic Cone behind itself?

The text for a Beholder's Antimagic Cone ability reads as follows (MM, pg. 28): The beholder's central eye creates an area of antimagic, as in the antimagic field spell, in a 150-foot cone. At the ...
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What rarity should this homebrew Cloak of the Giant Guard item be?

Cloak of the Giant Guard (Wondrous item, requires attunement) When worn, this cloak gives a +1 to AC against any creature making a melee attack against you with advantage who is not the creature you ...
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Can characters attack flank squares without turning?

Using the combat rules supplied by Players Option: Combat and Tactics, creatures have an orientation on the map, with flanks and a rear defined based on their orientation. My question is, can a ...
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What is the RAW for sneak attacking other PCs when using the optional facing rules?

There is a PvP event going on in my campaign. This is my first PvP event, and I want to play it by the book as much as possible to mitigate sad players. My rogue can do a lot of extra damage on a ...
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Using facing as an optional rule from DMG (p.252) [closed]

Are you using optional rules for facing? If so can you share some insight? I like that optional rule but me and my players foresee some potential problems. For instance... Two characters are dueling,...
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Fair facing house rules for 5e

I am a bit disappointed by the lack of tactical positioning in 5e, as evidenced in questions such as Are melee combatants limited to standing around saying "I attack"?. I have tried ...
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Do I get advantage if attacking from behind?

On pg 195 of the PHB it states: When a creature can't see you, you have advantage on attack rolls against it. So, does this mean I have to successfully hide from the creature, or if it was ...
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Is there an action cost for changing facing?

Is there, in canonical D&D 3.5*, a ruling prescribing action (move action, standard action etc.) for changing the facing of a character without changing position, or a ruling specifically saying ...
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