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For questions about mechanics for physically falling over a vertical distance (and directly related issues) in a given RPG system.

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Are there rules for dropping on an enemy as an attack?

In our current campaign, our ninja decided to try to drop on a monster from a ledge 25 feet up, blade first. I house ruled that it would require an extra 10 to the Tumble of falling without damage, ...
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If half a large creature's body falls on two squares, what happens?

In our game session, a Minotaur Warden knocked a large Mooncalf out of the air onto the edge of a cliff. Half of the creature is on the edge and the other half is over the side. The left 2 squares ...
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What happens when a creature falls on another creature?

If I successfully teleport a creature 4 square above another creature, and it falls, what happens? Is damage done to one or both?
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Are there rules for attacking whilst falling?

Consider a character with the ability to cast quickened Dimension Door and the Dimensional Agility feat. Such a character could use Dimension Door to appear next to an enemy and then proceed to make a ...
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Catching falling characters

In my experience, whenever a character falls because of a pit trap or a botched climb check there is always at least one player that that tries to catch them. I can't seem to find any specific rulings ...
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How far does one travel when falling for one round?

How far would you fall in one round assuming you started falling this round, and were high enough that you did not hit anything? Would this follow the math, or is there a rule written somewhere I'm ...
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