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A pen and paper game by Jason Mical based upon the mechanics and setting of the Fallout video games.

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Is there any lore in the Fallout universe regarding South America? [closed]

I am mastering a Fallout: Pen and Paper game, and I have an idea for a campaign we could do in the future, a campaign that would bring us to South America, specifically in the seaside Brazil area. I ...
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How many XP points should an enemy have?

How can I assign an amount of XP points to an enemy that I have created for a campaign that I am writing? What would be a good way to decide, and still be fair? The campaign that I wrote is for the ...
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What are some mage-related abilities in a Sci-Fi setting?

One of my PC's wants to be a mage type character. I would be all for this, except that we are playing the Fallout Pen and Paper game, which doesn't really have any magic related techniques or attacks. ...
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What items do players start with?

I am trying to start my own Fallout RPG campaign and am new at this and at GMing in general. I can't figure out what starting gear and stuff the PCs should get. I've looked around for a GM guide or an ...
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Fallout PnP RPG -- is it good, well balanced, long-term interesting?

Has anyone played the Fallout PnP RPG? (also available here.) I think the rulebook looks very exciting, but what experiences have you made? Are the rules sane? Are there pitfalls or shortcomings which ...
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