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Questions tagged [fantasycraft]

Fantasy Craft is a fantasy RPG that uses the Mastercraft system. It was released by Alderac Entertainment Group and Crafty Games in 2010.

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8 votes
2 answers

In Fantasy Craft what rolls always succeed on natural 20; fail on natural 1?

After first reading through the FC rulebook, I came to the conclusion that natural 20s and natural 1s weren't treated specially as they are in e.g. D&D. Nowhere in the standard attack, or skill ...
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What game system should I use for a new campaign: familiarity or abundant material [closed]

After a couple of decades away from RPGs, I've have been a player for several months with a steady group playing FantasyCraft. Meanwhile, I've been preparing a campaign of my own and done a lot of ...
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5 votes
2 answers

In FantasyCraft, how do the martial classes do more damage as they level up?

I have been reading through FantasyCraft, and am quite puzzled by how the martial classes (Soldier, Captain, Paladin etc.) do more damage with their attack as they level up. Unlike D20, there aren't ...
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What are the differences and similarities between Pathfinder and Fantasy Craft? [closed]

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Pathfinder and Fantasycraft, two unofficial D&D 3.5 "upgrades", compared to 3.5 and each other? What kinds of play or play groups are they more fit for?
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