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Fate points are narrative currency in the Fate family of games.

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Use a Fate Point for perform something without dice roll

What is your opinion about let the PC to use a FP to perform a special action, difficult action consistent with his aspects, but without a specific stunt? I think I recall some rule about that but I ...
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How can I word an aspect that I can potentially veto being compelled without using an X-Card?

I'm trying to recreate an existing character in FATE, but she has an aspect that I'm unsure how to handle. This aspect is something that I want to be able to bring up in play, and I mostly see myself ...
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Can a player spend a fate point to declare it a full moon?

Is a player able to spend a fate point, to declare it a full moon? For instance, if they have a lycanthrope character who gains more power in the full moon. I know a fate point can be spent to declare ...
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When to use the GM Fate Points pool?

I understand that the GM follows a bit different rules for getting and spending Fate Points (FP). For instance, she only gets one FP per player and scene. My question is when to use them, since the ...
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Do you get all your Fate Points at the end of the scene?

Fate Core Electronic p.81 indicates that these are the three ways to gain Fate Points. Accept a Compel: You get a fate point when you agree to the complication associated with a compel (...) ...
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When to charge for Declaring a Story Detail?

I'm exploring Fate Core because of the focus on story and especially the additional aspect of collaborative story creation/telling. On page 13 of the Fate Core rulebook, it states that the players ...
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How do the Fate Points work when players compel other characters?

I think I understand how it works when the GM compels a PC (or when a GM compels an NPC they control), but I'm unclear on how the Fate Points are handled when a player tries to compel an NPC or ...
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2 answers

Altering the Fate Point Economy to provide more Fate Points for the GM

Rules Hack I'm thinking of tinkering with one of the Fate Core rules so that the GM receives Fate Points instead of them disappearing into the ether after a player spends them. Players begin with (...
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Why does proposing a compel against another player cost a fate point? [Nevermind] [closed]

Fate Core p. 71 Finally, and this is very important: if a player wants to compel another character, it costs a fate point to propose the complication. The GM can always compel for free, and any ...
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Do you still pay a fate point when failing a Create Advantage roll?

I'm new to RPGs, and have been studying the Fate manuals. So far so good, except a niggling question about failing dice rolls and fate points. From my reading of the manual, to Create an Advantage, I ...
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2 answers

How does Fate handle wildly out-of-scope attempts to declare story details?

The way I see, Fate lets anyone declare details and describe parts of the world more or less as the player sees fit. Unless the setting is based on a certain fixed universe known by all players, ...
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Does the GM have to pay a fate point to Declare a Story Detail?

I don't see any specific information in Fate Core declaring that this is not the case. Normally, I would assume that the GM just narrates what happens, but what if one of his/her NPCs is trapped in a ...
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Is it possible to maneuver using a spell, and if yes, does the character take mental stress/risk failing casting the spell for the maneuver?

First time GMing the Dresden RPG with a table of four first-time Fate players. We've played three games so far (plus one session for character creation) but are all still struggling with fate points, ...
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What is tagging and how does it work?

Are Fate points involved? How is an aspect declared/invoked? The text says a skill check is involved.
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Can players spend Fate points to introduce story details in FAE?

In Fate Core, players can pay a Fate point to Declare a story detail based on one of their aspects. In Fate Accelerated Edition, I found no reference to this. Fate points seem to only add +2 or −2 ...
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How severe should a Compel be if it's worth one Fate Point?

If a Compel is the most interesting way to gain Fate Points, then how serious should it be? What kind of trouble does a character have to go through to get one? If it's too bad, they might end up ...
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As a GM, should I use Fate points in a scene with no other characters?

In my first game, I noticed that a large number of scenes featured only the player-characters taking on various terrain or knowledge-based challenges (such as "break into this building" and "...
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Are fate points assigned per player or per character?

I am currently preparing a campaign (using Strands of Fate, but this is a pertinent question for all systems that use the FATE core mechanics) that will have players jointly leading a faction as well ...
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Why does participating in Brainstorming in Atomic Robo give you Fate Points?

I read a section of the Atomic Robo RPG that dealt with "brainstorming" as a mechanic. I understand that the point is basically to get the players to be active in explaining how something works ...
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2 answers

When does a GM's reserve pool reset?

Atomic Robo: the Roleplaying Game is very clear on how to determine how many Fate points are added to the GM's reserve and what the GM can spend them on (ARRPG 54). However, I'm confused by the when ...
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3 answers

How to revive a stagnant Fate points economy in my game?

Background I'm a novice Fate GM, with 4 more novice Fate players. We all have experience with RPGs, both pen and paper, electronic, and LARP. We all wanted to try Fate Core because it's much less ...
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2 answers

Do NPCs have their own personal refresh and pool of fate points?

I'm studying FATE Core System, while reading the FATE Freeport Companion I found the refresh value for some NPC. Now I'm not sure about how to use this value because the GM available fate point is ...
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How many Fate points do NPCs have in an encounter?

I remember reading somewhere in the core rulebook how many fate points NPCs ought to have in an encounter, but I can't find it now. So, where can I see how many fate points I should give my NPCs?
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Why does a character earn fate points when conceding?

I am new to Fate, and TRPG in general. Today when reading the Fate Core book, I was confused by how conceding worked. IMHO by conceding, a player would avoid the more severe outcome that is being ...
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How do I encourage players to use Fate Points for declarations?

I have hacked Fate Points into my 13th Age game and I notice two things that are happening - the players hoard them, and often use them for the re-roll effect instead for declarations. (Irrelevant ...
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Why does a character get Fate points from invocation only at the end of a scene in Fate Core?

This answer to "What happens to the fate point after a character invokes an aspect?" shows that in DFRPG (per Your Story, p. 106): if you're invoking an aspect on another PC or on a NPC to ...
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When paying fate points for compels, where do the points go?

In Fate Core, resolving a compel has three basic steps (p.71): Somebody proposes the compel. If a player compels another character, it costs a fate point. The GM and players involved negotiate, ...
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Pathfinder Fate Points

I'm looking for a mechanic in Pathfinder to provide a fate-point like system for the characters. What mechanic could provide players a small boost here to belt the bad guy when needed or save them ...
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Explaining the need to use Fate Points for Aspects

How would you explain the need to use Fate Points to tag an Aspect, for newcomers to the system? Some players are asking me "If I have the Aspect 'As strong as Hercules', don't I automatically get a ...
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Is there a limit to how many Fate Points can be spent in a single round?

Suppose we're playing the Dresden Files RPG, and one of the characters decides to go for broke. He wants to use fate points on 4 seperate aspects that are relevant, for a whopping +8 to the result. ...
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