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A story focused, GM-less system styled on the Coen Brothers films

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Which Fiasco playset resembles Pulp Fiction?

Fiasco is an RPG creating movie tropes. There are playsets for all genres, from horror to western to romance. Is there one that matches the vibes of Tarantino Pulp Fiction (i.e. a dark satiric gangser ...
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How to run Fiasco in a group of mixed player types?

After watching Wil Wheaton run Fiasco on his youtube channel 'Tabletop', I thought it would be a nice game to have, especially for those situations where the GM of our regular RPG had nothing prepared....
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How do I make Locations important?

This is a two-part question about Locations in Fiasco: How do I make Locations important to the story? In every Fiasco game that I have played so far, the story has been driven by the Needs of the ...
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How can I contribute to the game and have fun after my PC dies?

I would like to use Fate Core for the kind of neo-noir stories common to movies made by the Coen Brothers, the Wachowskis, Quentin Tarantino, and John Dahl. The leading characters in these stories ...
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Why is there a limit on the number of good and bad outcomes in Fiasco scenes?

In Fiasco, dice are used for several different things. During the actual play, they are used to signify whether or not a scene ends well or poorly for the character based on the die colour. For each ...
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The Deal with Stunt Dice in Fiasco

I played my first game of Fiasco earlier this week, and had a blast. We used the "Camp Death" playset and I acted as a facilitor. Camp Death uses the "stunt dice" rule. Basically, whenever one of the ...
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How can I pitch Fiasco to a UK audience?

How can I describe Fiasco briefly but attractively to someone in the UK? One problem is: the phrases that are commonly used to pitch Fiasco aren't common in the UK. For example, we don't refer to "...
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Can there be consequences for a player when it is not their turn in Fiasco?

I played a game of Fiasco recently, and we had a pretty large bit of confusion. When it's your turn you have a scene, and that scene will either end well or poorly for your character based on the ...
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