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Questions about Returner Games' FFRPG

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Transfering Demi Style spells to D&D [closed]

I am trying to fill out a full roster of spells to make D&D feel more like final fantasy games. Is there any suggestions on a good way to implement Demi style spells into D&D to maintain ...
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How does one keep track of all of the different statuses, conditions, and mathematically-entwined stats of FFRPG?

Returner Games’s FFRPG has, to my mind, a very serious flaw in that it forgets that, unlike the video game consoles that you run Final Fantasy games on, tabletop games don’t have a ...
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Using Archer abilities with Swords

I'm trying out this old RPG called FFRPG, and we haven't even begun playing when one of my player's character sheet stood out :( One of my players created an Archer with a Special Training Advantage: ...
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