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Questions tagged [fireborn]

For question about the game Fireborn, published by Fantasy Flight Games in 2004. It was designed by Rob Vaughn and Greg Benage. In the world of Fireborn, players play human characters with the souls of immortal dragons, as magic begins to return to the streets of modern London. These characters regain their memories through flashbacks of a mythic age where dragons, giants, and other races fought against each other and against a mysterious enemy.


Is the combat system in Fireborn unbalanced in favor of defenders?

I was hoping someone could help me with understanding the Fireborn combat mechanics, or optionally has a better way to explain and implement it in a less confusing way. The way the system is ...

What is the default date of Fireborn?

From what I see is that 2001 magic came back. But what I didn't find is when the usual Fireborn game is mostly meant to be set date wise (neither in the published adventure nor in the infos in game). ...