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Questions tagged [firefly]

For questions about the Firefly Role-Playing Game, a science fiction RPG released in 2014 and written by Monica Valentinelli. It is set in the universe of the Joss Whedon TV series Firefly. It was produced by Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd. The game uses the "Cortex Action" variant of Margaret Weis Production's Cortex Plus game system.

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0 answers

How do I make in Cortex+ an opposing dice pool when there are NPCs on both sides?

I want to have a scene which is a firefight between 10 Browncoats (6 players and 4 NPCs) and 10 Alliance troopers (all NPCs). So no-one is outnumbered or outgunned. I’m guessing the Alliance dice ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Are callbacks once per session, or once per session for each previous Episode?

On page 256 of the core rulebook it says: You can only use a callback once per Episode, but at the end of each Episode, the callbacks refresh. You are then free to use them again in the next ...
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What do I need to play Firefly: Echoes of War?

I've recently found out about the yet unreleased Firefly RPG. What's currently available are Echoes of War: Serenity Crew and a handful of adventures. It is clearly stated that "Serenity Crew" is ...
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