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A condition in which a character or creature is not yet reacting normally to the situation. Such characters are called "flat-footed" in role playing games systems like Pathfinder, D&D 3rd Edition, D&D 3.5 and Star Wars Saga Edition.

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What penalties or conditions apply when a character is sitting on a chair or similar?

Our group surprised an enemy while he was sitting on a sofa (enjoying a slave massaging him), what kind of conditions apply to him? He is not prone, because to be prone, he should be lying on the ...
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Does every instance of losing your Dexterity bonus to AC count as flat-footed even if it's not explicitly said?

My swordsage just got the maneuver Hand of Death: This maneuver functions only against flat-footed opponents. As part of this maneuver, you make a melee touch attack against your opponent. If this ...
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For how many attacks is a creature flat footed when attacking from concealment?

I am behind a tree (considered hidden) and attack my enemie. According to the rules he is considered flat footed. ...
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How can a ranged rogue sneak attack?

A player of mine started to play a rogue in pathfinder 2e, he was already playing a rogue in DnD 5e. He feels a bit frustrated that it was impossible to profit from the flanking rule to sneak attack. ...
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What is the difference betweens the Rogue Talent Lethal Acrobatics and the "Scout" Rogue Archetype's Scout's Charge?

What is the difference betweens the Rogue Talent Lethal Acrobatics and the "Scout" Rogue Archetype's Scout's Charge? Lethal Acrobatics (Ex): When a rogue with this talent successfully uses ...
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Is losing dex bonus to reflex the same as being flat-footed?

Many talents and feats require a target that is flat-footed, others state that the target loses their dexterity bonus to Reflex defense. To my group's understanding they were the same thing but there ...
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If a character delays on their first turn in combat, are they still flat-footed?

Characters are generally flat-footed until their first turn in combat. However, the “special initiative action” delay allows you to take no action and then act normally on whatever initiative count ...
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Do readied attacks end being flatfooted?

In combat today we were facing a medium mud elemental and it used earth glide to disappear from view (go underground). I had long arm so my reach was 10 feet. I readied an action to attack it as soon ...
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Are you flatfooted to summons right after they are summoned?

In a game session I played over the weekend, I had some summoned creatures wink into existence and then attack me. My understanding of the rules are that since they were not part of combat before, I ...
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