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Questions tagged [flavor]

For questions about "flavor", the language, descriptions and details that a referee or game master uses to communicate the setting and sensory information that player characters experience.

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9 votes
2 answers

Is there a class that uses items only to cast spells?

My DM is preparing more of a fairytale-themed campaign with younger adventurers. I want to make a character that consumes their bracelets to cast all their spells. The problem is that I couldn't find ...
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Are the names of game features rules text or merely flavor?

For spell descriptions consensus is that all the text is rules text, that the game in fact does not distinguish between flavor and rules. How about the names of spells or of other game features? Are ...
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Familiar help action flavor [closed]

My DM wants to know how (flavor-wise) my familiar does the help action. My familiar is a small animal (usually spider) hanging on my shoulder while I engage in melee combat. All types of flavor from ...
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9 votes
2 answers

How is the flavor text at the beginning of class descriptions in PH organized?

At the beginning of each class description, before getting to the class features, are four sections of flavor text, the first of which is a depiction of three possible class members and a closing ...
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How can Flameskulls cast fireball without fingers?

This thread points out that although DMs can (and probably should) interpret rules to cover certain cases themselves, nothing within spellcasting rules or spells written at the time clearly states ...
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What explicit player-side rules exist for reflavoring races/classes?

Wizards' spellbooks and artificer "magic" are explicitly called out as being reflavorable--that is, as long as everything has the same numbers, a "spellbook" doesn't need to be a ...
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36 votes
6 answers

How can I communicate feelings to players without impacting their agency?

As a Game Master I'd occasionally like to communicate premonitions or sensation to my characters, as a benefit of their backstory, or as a means to give them opportunity to be deeper tied into the ...
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Up to which point does narrative/roleplaying affect mechanics?

I want to share something that happened a few weeks ago, which I am still wondering about. There were two events: In the first time, in a dungeon, we found several imp-like creatures on a room with ...
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