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For questions concerning focus pools and focus points, a mechanic of Pathfinder Second Edition that allows spells to be cast by expending focus points that can be recharged throughout the day. If the question is about a focus spell, but not about the focus aspect, then simply tag it with [spells].

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How can Psychics regain 2 Focus Points?

While adding some classes to this answer, I could not find the feat that enables the Psychic to regain 2 Focus Points (FP). While it is not unprecedented that a class cannot regain all 3 FPs1, ...
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How can I increase the size of a Focus Pool with a non-class feat?

Is there a way beside Human -> Multitalented -> Psychic Dedication to increase a Focus Point pool witout spending a class feat? It is good, but comes a bit late at level 9.
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11 votes
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Does the order in which you take Focus Spells change the size of your focus pool?

For the purposes of this example, say I'm a Monk with the Summoner Multiclass Dedication, and no focus points to start. If I take the following feats, how many focus points will I have in my pool? One ...
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Can a Magus use Expansive Spellstrike with a Conflux spell, and if so what exactly happens?

All the starting conflux spells for the various Magus hybrid studies let you make a strike. As far as I can tell, these are eligible for spellstrike if you have Expansive Spellstrike (without the feat,...
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What abilities allow for focus points to be regenerated in combat?

I’m trying to get a better sense of how official content values focus regeneration for the purpose of balancing a homebrew class. I’m aware of the Surging Focus feat for the cleric, and I seem to ...
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Can Fuse Stance be applied to Wild Winds Stance and e.g. Gorilla Stance?

The Wild Winds Stance focus spell grants a character a stance, which is entered by spending a focus point. Does the level 20 Fuse Stance feat allow this stance to be used alongside another stance ...
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Do Natural Ambition and the two Ki Feats increase your Focus Pool total?

As a Human Monk, if I choose Natural Ambition as Human Feat, and the two Ki feats as class feats, does it increase my focus pool to 2?
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5 votes
2 answers

Lingering Composition: Does a Performance critical failure cost the Focus point?

TL;DR: The bard player is arguing that lingering composition is a Performance check, and another player is stating it's Casting a Spell (Focus spell). I have a player playing a polymath bard with ...
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Since the Refocus activity requires spending a Focus Point before I Refocus again, can I only fully replenish my focus pool by resting?

I'm a bit unsure about how the Refocus activity works. If I have a pool of 3 focus points and spend 2, according to the Refocus rules I can regenerate 1, but need to use up at least 1 again before I ...
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What's the earliest a champion can have a focus pool of 3?

In Pathfinder 2e, some classes have access to a focus pool. Each pool has a certain number of focus points, which can be used to cast spells. I'm playing a champion and intending on making extensive ...
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