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"Forged in the Dark" is the term for systems derived from the one used in John Harper's Blades in the Dark.

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Why is a flashback more appropriate than a resistance roll in this case?

My rules of thumb for flashbacks vs resistance rolls in FITD have always been: If the player is attempting to contradict something the GM just said ("No, that doesn't happen, because…"), it'...
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How to implement cross-playbook upgrades without breaking balance?

My players just started a new campaign, and they decided they are going to play a crew of Shadows specializing in doing daring heists(kind of like Ocean's Eleven or The Phantom Thieves). The problem ...
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Multiple characters in Band of Blades

Band of Blades' back cover describes a range of different character options. However it is advertised as 4-6 players, and many of the groups of character options have widely varying numbers of options ...
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How should a GM handle PCs picking up NPC weapons?

In Blades, most gear is abstracted. PCs can gain access to new gear using downtime activities such as Acquire Asset and Crafting. How are stolen items (which aren't immediately sold or handed over ...
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Does the leader of a group action roll themselves?

When leading a group action, do you roll the action yourself, or do you just take the stress penalties from other people's failed rolls?
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How does the repair downtime action work in Scum and Villainy?

If I understand correctly, the repair downtime action on page 188 lets you spend an action and 1 cred to clear 1 damage. However, in the “Downtime Activities in Play” section on page 194, Hayley uses ...
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What's the expected benefit of the second pistol?

Blades in the Dark lets you take a pistol for 1 load, or a pair of pistols for 2. The Blades-based sci-fi game Scum and Villainy lets you do the same with blasters, or the Scoundrel's fine sidearms. ...
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Does resisting a consequence cause it to have never happened?

I thought I understood the rules for resisting consequences in Blades in the Dark, until I got to the GM Bad Habits section. The resistance rules (page 32) say: When your PC suffers a consequence ...
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Does Blades in the Dark need any adjustments to work as a one-shot?

I love John Harper's Blades in the Dark, and some friends and I are going to be running some one-shot games at an upcoming convention. But, a lot of the things that make Blades so cool is how nicely ...
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