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Questions tagged [fourthcore]

For questions about Fourthcore, a series of tournament dungeons for D&D 4e designed by SVD Press. The term can also refer to a general approach of having an antagonist DM and a deadly setting to create a high level of challenge for the players.

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5 votes
1 answer

How many PCs does Crucible of the Gods need?

The standard for D&D 4e is 5 PCs in a party, but Crucible of the Gods includes 6 pregenerated characters. Is this just to allow some choice and variation?
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6 votes
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How can I adapt fourthcore to play-by-forum?

Fourthcore adventures have an ingrained time limit that puts pressure on player action and prompts fast, dashy solutions rather than overcautious approaches (or at least has the players chose which ...
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7 votes
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What happened to SVDPress?

I used to read SVDPress's blog about fourthcore and their updates but the last time I went to their site it simply was a download page for the three fourthcore modules they created. I've archived them ...
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