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For questions about Fudge, a simple RPG engine with a word-based action resolution system, perhaps best known for its dice of the same name. (If asking about "fudging", the GM act of secretly altering rolls in order to influence outcomes, use the [fudging] tag instead.)

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How do I model a fudge dice roll with re-rolls in Anydice?

I need a little help with a probability calculation in Anydice. We are making a fudge based game using 4 fudge dice, so basically a d3 system: -1,0,1 We are allowing your attribute or stats in the ...
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What'd be the Fate/Fudge equivalent of the stunt mechanics from AGE System?

As you might know, the AGE system (Dragon Age RPG, Fantasy Age RPG, etc) has a mechanic of generating stunt points based on the player rolling doubles on any of the 3d6. If you are not familiar with ...
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How can I handle a mechanical justification for clerical magic in a world where gods are uncertain?

I'm making a Fudge campaign in a world where the existence of the gods is neither proven, nor disproven. I'd like to have multiple religions, many of which may be scams, but also may be not. What ...
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Are Fudge/FATE skills swamped by the dice?

I've started GM'ing our group's first Fudge game after 20+ years playing GURPS. The change was made because our games were becoming less and less number crunchy and more and more story driven. ...
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House rules for "critical zero"? [closed]

Rolling four blanks on 4dF yields the most-common outcome, zero, but it's one of the three most-uncommon rolls. It's exactly as unlikely as rolling a -4 or rolling a +4. Have any of you made house-...
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What's the probability of getting three matching faces in any one roll of four Fudge dice?

I'm having a little difficulty recalling the procedure for calculating probability of dice results. My question is, using 4 Fudge d6 dice, what is the probability of getting three of any result in one ...
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How can I plan a TPK finale that doesn't look planned?

A campaign I was GMing in the past abruptly stopped because of stuff IRL, with characters trapped in a tower in the center of a city that is being destroyed by a huge demon. When the group gets back ...
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7 votes
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Fate (or Fudge) by e-mail

Are there any rules adaptations out there for Fate (any variation, including Fudge) by e-mail? Or has anyone played by e-mail with any house rules? I'm looking to run a pbem, and wanted to adapt the ...
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How does FUDGE compare to other rulebooks? [closed]

FUDGE seems appealing for its laxity. What does it do particularly well/poorly compared to popular rulebooks like D&D, World of Darkness, etc.? Specifically, I'm thinking of starting either a ...
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How does the OGL relate to the FATE system?

I was looking at the SRD for Spirit of the Century, and I noticed the Wizards of the Coast OGL license at the bottom of the document. I did a bit of digging, and FATE states that it is a derivative of ...
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What game/circumstance uses Fudge dice?

I read with much interest the question about Fudge dice, but what are these dice useful for?
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What can I use in place of Fudge Dice? [closed]

If someone doesn't have any fudge dice, what are the best methods to replace them and why? Term: Fudge Dice are six sided dice with two sides labeled with a +, two sides with a -, and two sides that ...
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