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Questions tagged [fudging]

For questions about "fudging", the GM act of secretly altering rolls in order to influence outcomes, usually with the intent to protect player-characters or plot elements. (If asking about the Fudge RPG engine or the dice of the same name, use the [fudge] tag instead.)

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110 votes
18 answers

When should I fudge dice rolls?

When I started my first D&D campaign as a DM, I accidentally rolled and confirmed a crit on a PC from a goblin. It was an instant kill as our campaign had no cleric. That time I decided to fudge ...
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28 votes
12 answers

As a GM is it unfair to secretly protect one player's character to keep the peace?

I have recently started playing (as GM) tabletop RPGs after a several year hiatus because I was no longer finding it fun. My current game, which uses Hackmaster 5E, has been running for about 6 months ...
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25 votes
3 answers

Is DM allowed to fudge dice in Adventurer League play?

You're Empowered. Make decisions about how the group interacts with the adventure; adjusting or improvising is encouraged, so long as you maintain the adventure's spirit. This doesn't allow you to ...
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Am I a bad DM for fudging rolls?

I run a small game with 4 new players. This is my first ever homebrew campaign (we are only 4 sessions in). I don't fully know how to reach the end since I wanted to make a more open world campaign. I ...
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