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Which skill can be used to represent gambling games?

I know there is a similar question, but that one is related to D&D. I'm planning a scene for a Vampire: The Dark Ages campaign where the players will need to participate in a gambling game - ...
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What is the correct interpretation of the Gambling Results table in Xanathar's Guide to Everything?

In Xanathar's Guide to Everything, one of the downtime options provided in "Downtime, Revised" allows a character to gamble during their downtime to earn extra money. Gambling Games of ...
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Simulating a custom card game in Fate Core

In the world I created, there's a famous card game. It has the following characteristics: Complex and numerous rules Spectators can bet during the match The winner is the player who won more "tricks" ...
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How can I have a gambling system for fighting pits that the players can bet on?

In my current campaign there's a fighting pit in the town the PCs are in. I want the players to be able to gamble on fights here in a way that feels 'real'. The easiest thing I could come up with is ...
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What are the gambling games in the "Black Box" edition of Basic D&D?

I have a vague memory of my father teaching me about dice probabilities from a "mini-game" within the Black box set, at the beginning of being in jail in the salt mines. The other prisoners, is ...
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Are there any rules or guidelines out there for in-game gambling in D&D 4e?

Several years ago, when most of my group were still newcomers and unadapted to 4e, I asked my Dungeon Master which Skills to use in gambling situations for money, and how they should be used. He did ...
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17 votes
4 answers

Role of games within games

Sometimes my players want to engage in gambling or other games of chance within the role-playing game itself (I know, vaguely meta). The question is two-fold: How can I approach this without ...
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How can gambling work in a world where magical divination is possible?

In a DnD 3.5 universe, could a spell such as Divination or Commune allow the caster to cheat at betting on sporting events? (For example, by asking a question like "Will Stan Stormbow win in this ...
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