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Relating to the companies and individuals who create role-playing games as well as the broader economic context in which they operate.

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Why are feminine pronouns used for GMs in rule-books?

I'm French, and GM are usually male in the french translations or in french RPG books. We do not have a neutral pronoun like English has with 'they'. But I noticed that many rule-books in English ...
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What is the average number of sales of adventures (modules) and adventure settings (hexcrawls) for OSR publishers?

I came across this post on the blog Monsters & Manuals about the campaign setting Yoon-Suin and its units sold since being published. It's interesting to read for someone who's entertaining the ...
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Can you publish a commercial rpg using the Gumshoe SRD?

As a Kickstarter reward, the Gumshoe ruleset (used in games such as Trail of Cthulhu and Mutant City Blues) was released as an SRD. You can get it here:
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Do any studies exist that show what the most popular RPG setting genres are?

Have there been any studies or polls about the most popular RPG setting genres, across systems? Intuition tells me that High Fantasy would top the list, but there are a bunch of strong contenders for ...
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Are PDF Based RPG Sales Hurting the Industry? [closed]

I love that sites like DriveThruRPG house all sorts of indie RPGs, and sells them for affordable prices. Don't let me question fool you into thinking I am against this practice, in fact PDF versions ...
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Are there statistics of the more played games?

Looking the questions of this site, it seems that D&D, in all its versions and variants, is by far the most played game. But that's not quite true of the people I know, so I think the proportions ...
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Did piracy problems bring down White Wolf?

A common meme running around in my gaming table is that White Wolf is being terribly changed by piracy. The thesis is: Too many people pirate, therefore WW is not profitable, therefore they are no ...
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What didn't Monte Cook like about 4e?

It seems to be an established tenet of the conventional wisdom that Monte Cook does not like Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition. However, I came late to this party and never read the criticisms Monte ...
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Why do published adventures seem to have gone out of fashion, and who is still publishing 'adventures'? [closed]

Looking at various publishers catalogues and questions here under the published-adventures tag, it seems that the RPG industry at the moment is concentrating more on player materials and seed material ...
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Who took the Star Wars RPG license over from WotC in 2011?

Lucas Licensing and Wizards of the Coast announced in the beginning of 2011 that WotC is not renewing their license for the Star Wars RPG. Who has taken it over from them? Solid facts please (as ...
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Where can I buy original edition and out-of-print roleplaying books and accessories? [closed]

I know of a few online retailers that specialise in out-of-print (OOP), second-hand, and original editions of RPG books and accessories. Let's make a definitive list of them!
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Who are the 3rd party 4e D&D providers? [closed]

Who are the 3rd party 4e D&D providers. What type of material do they do. One company per answer please. As this is a community wiki the answers (and votes) will gauge community views on their ...
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Is there a way to salvage print distribution or put it out of its misery? [closed]

I thought I'd try a publishing-related question. Print distribution for hobby games has been in trouble for a long time. Especially since the collapse of Wizard's Attic, distribution seems to be on ...
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Roleplaying as a job: skills and background? [closed]

A friend of mine is a great DM, and we always told him that he should be paid for his skills. He smiles and says that it's enough to have fun, but seriously, can you make a living out of role-playing ...
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