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Use this tag for questions about the first or second editions of Gamma World. Gamma World 1e and 2e are very similar, and are often used together. Gamma World 1e was published in 1978, 2e in 1983, and officially lasted until 1985, although Dragon Magazine continued to support the game until the 90s.

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Does Dexterity Really Affect the Chance of Being Surprised in Gamma World 2e

In the Basic Rule Book for Gamma World 2e on page 6 it says the following about Dexterity: DEXTERITY: A character's Dexterity Score is a measure of the speed at which he functions, his reaction ...
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What are the major differences between 1st and 2nd edition Gamma World?

Or are there any? I'm trying to figure out which to run. I see that 3rd and 4th are pretty different, but could someone give me a run down on 1st/2nd?
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