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For use with the D&D 4e compatible version of Gamma World (At-Will powers, grid combat, etc). 7e was first published in 2010. It came mostly in boxed set (even the modules) and used a card mechanic in addition to the 4e style dice mechanics.

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Can a Doppelganger's clone use an encounter ability?

So, in my group we have a Doppelganger Yeti. Her yeti ability is an encounter ability (Big Claws) that allows her to make an attack for a minor action. Does Big Claws go on Cooldown (not being able to ...
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Are all player characters in Gamma World expected to wear armor?

I'm looking over the rules for Armor in the Gamma World 7e Core Book on page 72. It states that light armor, which grants a +3 bonus to AC still allows you to move around, and indicates no penalties. ...
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Are PC powers only used once per encounter?

In Gamma World 7e, are PC powers only used once per encounter? If so, how about monster powers, are they only used once per encounter? I know it states "you renew your encounter powers" during a "...
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Are 4e monsters compatible/level equivalent without adjustment in Gamma World?

I plan on running a brief Gamma World campaign with my group, and I am wondering if 4E monsters are compatible between systems without any sort of level adjustment? From a quick perusal, it seems like ...
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Do Mutant powers use the stat value or stat bonus for attacks?

Our group realized we had a confusion on how mutant powers really work. Do we use the actual stat value or the stat bonus? Here is an example (almost all powers are like this): Page 37 - Cockroach -...
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Taking a weapon away from an opponent? (Gamma world, & 4e)

In our gamma world campaign a player wanted to knock a gun out of the hands of an opponent. To our surprise, neither the new Gamma World rules, nor the D&D 4e rules have anything about disarming ...
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What's the difference between the "Gamma World RPG" and the "Gamma World Box"?

I'm interested in Gamma World, and I see several different products out there. While I can see that e.g. "Famine in Far-go" is a supplement, I don't understand what's the difference between the "D&...
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What changes if you play without player card decks?

What game changes are there for using a single set of decks which all players draw from during the game session? I'm in a group where we don't want to purchase individual decks of Alpha1 and Omega2 ...
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What does the Soldier monster role mean?

I will be playing Gamma World (the 4e version) for the first time soon - and I'll be the GM. I'm pretty comfortable with it, but I have one question: What's a soldier, when speaking about monster ...
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What are the main differences between Gamma World and D&D 4e?

I just got Gamma World and want to try it out with my D&D 4e (Essentials) players. Clearly to a great portion, a re-skin of 4e, but not completely. Obviously character generation is completely ...
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Can a Doppelganger use salvaged omega tech?

I'm trying to solve this before it becomes a question in my group. As I read it, Salvaged omega tech "Becomes" just a normal weapon/slot item with extra damage. In this case, I would think that a ...
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What is the difference between a short and an extended rest?

From the Gamma World rulebook: Short Rest A short rest requires about 5 minutes. During a short rest you renew your encounter powers, refresh your Alpha Mutation(s), and regain all your hit points. ...
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