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Questions tagged [geist-the-sin-eaters]

Geist: the Sin Eaters is a part of the New World of Darkness series of roleplaying games. In it, you play a person brought back from the brink of death by a powerful ghostly entity. Merged with this "geist," you have access to a variety of morbid and death-aspected magical powers and are practically immortal.

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Can sin eaters see things other than ghosts in twilight?

Are sin eaters only able to see ghosts who are in twilight, or can they see other discorporated spirits or angels?
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Scion Underworlds in Geist's Cosmology

Does anyone have advice for combining the underworld rules from Scion and Geist without the mechanics bumping into each other? Like a botched exorcism opening to a gate to Scion's Mictlan, or a Geist ...
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5 votes
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Highlander in the World of Darkness using Geist

I'm a big fan of Highlander, and somehow the idea of immortals who run around cutting off each others heads seems to fit in the strange World of Darkness. I was thinking about it, and it occurred to ...
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Does a Geist's Threshold restrict "flavor text" traits?

I don't know how much this matters, but does a Geist's Threshold limit what kind of effects death had on him that aren't directly tied to combat? For example, if a character died in a drunk motorcycle ...
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Does anyone know a good system for building a city? [closed]

We're beginning a Geist game and we talked about how interesting it would be to build a city together as a group so we really felt like it was our home town. I've heard Damnation City is good, but ...
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