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For questions related to applications, tools and utilities which automatic generate characters, maps, or other kind of game content.

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Who composed the music for the CD attached with 3e Player's Handbook?

Goal: I'd like to find the full audio track/collection to listen to, if possible. Details and research: Also called "Character Generator" or "E-Tools", here is a link to a clip of ...
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What customizable name generator am I remembering?

About 15 years ago, I came across a small program that allowed you to put in rules for name generation. I believe the program would have been no more than a couple years old at that point. It ...
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Is there a system agnostic treasure table? [closed]

Many of the existing treasure generators are very tied into a campaign. They would include very specific treasures like "Wand of Ghoul Touch" or "1,500 gp". Even the gold pieces amount isn't very ...
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How to handle epic levels when generating NPC for random communities?

Dungeon Master's Guide (page 138) presents a method for generating number of characters for each class when generating community. You need to roll dices and add community modifier to generate maximum ...
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Where can I find a free post apocalyptic map generator online? [closed]

I'm trying to make a map for a post apocalyptic idea I have. The landscape is your typical barren frozen wasteland caused by radiation and a large drop of temperature. I need to make a map based on ...
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What is the name of this book, covering character history generation?

Recently, over a text-chat session, my game master ran through a process of detailing my character's history, using a product she never named. My GM is currently unavailable to me, so I cannot simply ...
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Modern floorplan generator? [closed]

What I'm looking for is a tool to generate for me floorplans and maps for a wide array of situations. Home and office interiors are foremost, towns, streets, cities, and more are desired. There are ...
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Is there a resource for generating appropriate goods for a post-apocalyptic looting? [closed]

One of the problems I have running post-apocalyptic survival games is that the genera expects a very detailed and strict tracking of equipment. This usually goes fine until the party tracks down a ...
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What are the best computer generators for historical timelines? [closed]

Every world or campaign setting has a timeline of historical events. Normally this has the format of a year number followed by a short description. For example: −9800 DR: The Yuirwood was settled by ...
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Online Post-Apocalypse Generators & Aides [closed]

What are some good PostApoc generators and brainstorming aides? There are lots of online generators for Swords & Sorcery worlds: you can find generators for dungeons, wandering monsters, ...
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What's a good random dungeon generator for D&D 3.5? [closed]

I'm looking for a random dungeon generator for D&D 3.5. I'd like a generator that looks like Dizzy Dragon's, but specifically for D&D, but also with a theme or groups option (Like crypt, or ...
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18 votes
4 answers

Rules for generating a game world as you go?

As an alternative to pre-fabricated game worlds (whether published or home-brewed), I'd like to create some rules for generating a game world gradually and organically. It would work in a manner ...
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3 answers

collections of free online pregenerated wilderness maps? [closed]

Am looking for (out of curiosity, to begin with) collections of premade, at least medium quality wilderness maps available legally for free (published under gpl, gnu, creative commons, or a similar ...
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Semi-random name generator [closed]

Does anyone know of a good online name generator that can be set up to create random names with culture-specific flavour? (Meaning, for example, names that sound like Russian, Norwegian etc etc.)
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Is there a working online random adventure generator for D&D 3.5e? [duplicate]

I'm looking for a random adventure/encounter generator for D&D 3.5e. It doesn't have to be particularly good or fleshed out, I intend to use it to generate ideas for one-off side- adventures - ...
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4 answers

Where can I find/buy/get a detailed output NPC generator tool (digital or paper)? [closed]

As a part of my on-going quest to be a better GM, I am looking for a tool, paper based or digital, that can generate solid NPCs rapidly. These could be used as one shots but I am looking primarily ...
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Is there a random encounter generator online, for color/minor city detail stuff? [closed]

I thought somewhere on Seventh Sanctum there was a generator that would get me random city encounters, just minor NPC things like so: You meet a(n) ANGRY, YOUNG... DWARF SHIELD-MAIDEN... ESCORTING... ...
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How to randomly generate a village or town for old school D&D game?

There is a lot of material written on random generation of dungeons for play. But inevitably characters have to return from the to spend those ill-gotten gains. And where else but a nearby ...
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Random Dungeon/Maze Generator [closed]

I'm looking for a good random dungeon/maze generator. Some key features I'd like it to have: Can generate a regular maze (one entrance & exit, even passage width, every spot within the area is ...
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