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Questions tagged [gestalt]

For questions about the "gestalt" character system, a Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition variant in which characters take the full class features from two separate classes, including best saves, BAB, spells, skills and abilities.

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10 votes
3 answers

How does a multiclass gestalt work in terms of Base Attack Bonus and saves?

Every explanation in Unearthed Arcana about gestalts refers to them as having only one class on each path except the one about PrCs, so there are really some things that aren't very clear to me. For ...
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2 answers

Easiest wizard/sorcerer spell access for an undead swordsage?

We're playing 3.5 gestalt, and I have an undead unarmed swordsage (with a drop of totemist). Now he wants access to some spells, most notably Greater Mighty Wallop. Is there any way to leverage a ...
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