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Questions tagged [gm-burnout]

For questions about GM burnout. Game mastering can require a large investment of time and effort. Sometimes gamemasters lose the motivation to continue running a specific game or campaign, or to run games at all.

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55 votes
13 answers

How do I deal with GM burnout?

There are groups that share the role of GM/DM/Storyteller/Ref, and there are those that don't. In either type there is always the threat of burnout - too much responsibility is put into the hands of a ...
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21 votes
4 answers

Transitioning from GM to Player; or how to recover from GM burnout

A few months ago, I reached the point of "GM burnout." Having been (almost) the exclusive GM for our group for several years, and seeing the number of players and their commitment dwindle combined ...
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20 votes
5 answers

As a DM, how do you avoid getting tired of the monsters always losing?

I recently had a conversation with our DM about us players feeling it was both immersion-breaking and less fun that the DM plays all the monsters with optimized, coordinated tactics, even if the ...
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17 votes
9 answers

GM burn-out concerning worlds and systems

I've been primarily and almost exclusively a GM for long, long years. I still enjoy GMing, and I'd like to keep doing it. However, I've lost interest in practically all of the games and worlds we used ...
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How do DM's avoid burning out? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I deal with GM burnout? Currently I am the single DM of a smallish group of irregular players. Although I enjoy DM'ing, I'm beginning to burn out and really wish I ...
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What is DM burnout? [duplicate]

So me and a couple of my friends that have not had any experience with D&D decided to play, I volunteered to be the DM and have been wandering around reading all the rules and learning common ...
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