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Questions tagged [gm-less]

For questions about game systems that do not require a gamemaster, or about modifying a system that normally requires a gamemaster in a fashion that makes it playable without one.

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Multiplayer Game Books like Fighting Fantasy [closed]

I'm looking for game books that are similar to titles such as Warlock of Firetop Mountain or other Fighting Fantasy books except that they are meant for multiple players. Essentially, I'm looking for ...
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5 answers

Is there any way to play D&D without a DM?

The DM in my group is getting tired of DMing. Unfortunately, no one wants to take over. Can we play without a DM?
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6 votes
1 answer

GM-less RPG suitable for a violent spacefaring game played over a messaging client? [closed]

I've been GMing for a long time, without actually playing a game myself, so I'm rather in the mood to actually get involved in the action as a protagonist, however no-one else in my group wants to act ...
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System and adventures suitable for cooperative GM-less (or GM-lite) Dungeon Crawl [closed]

Can someone suggest a system and adventures suitable for cooperative GM-less (or GM-lite) dungeon crawling? Background situation in short: I’m looking for something that could provide my wife and ...
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15 votes
3 answers

Easy-to-learn GM-less system with flexible group size, for fantasy, urban fantasy, or sci-fi? [closed]

A little background info might be helpful: I've roleplayed in online games and have some experience with single-player computer games based off of pen & paper game systems (The Dark Eye), and I'm ...
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Can Apocalypse World be played as a two-player game?

Apocalypse World seems to be designed for a small group of PCs, all interacting fiercely. This is a part of both the hard-and-fast mechanics, like Hx, and the MC techniques, like the emphasis on PC-...
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What are the minimum changes required to satisfyingly play Torchbearer GMless?

I've run four sessions of a Torchbearer game. I'm getting the hang of it. But when I was talking about it to someone at lunch, they presented the idea of making it GM-less and I've been thinking ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Is there a GMless RPG with this structure? [closed]

I have never played an RPG, but I've been interested for a long time. In fact, I often say that my childhood play would've eventually led to my writing an RPG if I hadn't heard of existing RPGs first. ...
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3 votes
4 answers

Random dungeon/adventure generation system [closed]

I'm looking to 'run' a 5-7 session mini-campaign in the near future. Problem is, there are only three players available- and I'm one of them. We could (and have in the past) run a two person party, ...
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What GM-less RPGs exist and are the mechanics adaptable to other systems? [closed]

I'm constantly looking for new systems to either steal from or at least try out for a one-shot. What systems are currently available that feature GM-less mechanics? Further, do any of these systems ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Approaches to GM-less (or lessened GM reliance in) RPGs [closed]

A question about transitioning players to GM-less gaming already exists (and it's a good one). I, however, am looking for a more exhaustive description (thus CW) of approaches to GM-less gaming. As ...
18 votes
9 answers

GM-Less Gaming: How do you transition more traditionally-trained players into them?

I love GM-less games. Seriously. After decades of having to be the area "weird GM" because no one else ever wanted to run new and experimental things, the rise of GM-less RPGs hit my sweet spot when ...
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